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We are the Scots Mask and Puppet Center. We are the leading agency for masks and puppet theatre in the country. We aim to be the top resource center for anything about masks and puppet theatre. We also want to be the channel that connects the enthusiasts and the theatre. The connection is needed to promote healthy discussion and conservation of the art of masks and puppets.

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Visually, masks and puppets seem like simple objects, even playthings to some. But digging deeper through history and play, we will understand that there is so much more to masks and puppets than meets the eye.

Our center has an exhibit housing masks and puppets exhibits from around the world. Aside from our comprehensive online resources, we also have a mini-library containing books and audio-visual collections to help in one’s research. We also conduct training and workshops to ignite the interest of people in masks and puppets theatre even more.

Please feel free to browse through our website for more information on masks and puppets.