Five Great Tips On Developing Your Patent Management Process

If you’re a part of an IP department inside a mid-to-large size organization, you’re most likely dealing with exactly the same problems as others: More filings with restricted budgets, along with a much better necessity for responsiveness on the company clientele with a smaller staff.

In a nutshell, you, as well as your staff, have been asked to do a lot more with fewer resources. Maximizing process effectiveness is among the IP department’s largest issues for highly effective patent management. Listed here are the top five suggestions to enhance your patent management processes:

Self Service For Inventors And Service Providers

Develop a self-service portal for inventors exactly where they are able to monitor the condition of the patent filings. This can decrease the number of inbound inquiries and better inventor satisfaction. The portal could, in addition, assist your outside law firms, and representatives collaborate with you and inventors in real-time and type in info straight to your program.

This can help you reduce administrative expenses related to follow-ups and data reentry and better data integrity. You are going to be ready to assign things with confidence as well as transfer matters seamlessly to a different firm when needed.

Electronic Case Repository

As a progressive legal division, you are going to get a lot better exposure to the whole patent lifecycle by creating a centralized situation repository. The repository should have a comprehensive submitting history: documents, all correspondence, cited references, and docketing. It must also provide the most current info about all is important such as current status, annuity information and also, outstanding actions, prosecution history, and also filing.

Having a centralized repository is going to provide you with the resources to selectively share info that is relevant to all stakeholders — for instance, getting proper ratings by the patent committee on global filing choices as well as annuity payments for collective decision making.

Integrate Billing And Estimates Into Workflow Processes

You are able to enhance your fiscal performance by integrating estimates and budgets in the workflow tasks. This can help you monitor attorneys and firms with a much better turnaround time over various other firms that routinely file extensions.

This info is going to provide you with useful resources for future work allocation as well as for reorganizing the workload based on your budget constraints. Integrating billing will also let you forecast your costs a bit more effectively and also enable you to calculate the entire invest by firms, by nations, along with other metrics.

Automate Manual Operations

Wherever possible, automate manual operations. In case your staff is spending two times per month calculating patent awards, it’s time to automate that performance.

In case your law firms are directly dealing with inventors for drafting application specs, it’s time to provide them a program where they are able to work together in a collaborative manner.

In case you’re investing a lot of time reentering information provided by companies or maybe patent offices, make use of technology integration to screen with patent workplaces and law firms.

Identify all changes to automate manual activities and utilize technology tools to obtain them automated.

Patent Characterization

Characterize your patent portfolios based on engineering areas, ratings, products, and business units. Establish workflow operations for regular updates on the categorizations and also make use of analytical methods to identify trends, locate anomalies, identify weaknesses and strengths by leveraging your IP property data.

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