Five Leadership Lessons We Can All Learn From Kermit The Frog

The capacity to lead, think outside the box, and support others without biases are true values of a real leader.

Doing this while being green and flirted by a pig, even more, makes it a greater accomplishment. Kermit the Frog has surely won the hearts of adults and children through the years, thanks to his unique charm, humor, and indisputable leadership and determination. Leaders of today could learn a lot from this renowned and endlessly admired frog.

Leadership Lessons From Kermit

1. Resourcefulness and Perseverance

Through various topsy-turvy adventures, Kermit is seen to be alone with fewer friends and lesser resources. Notwithstanding, he has persevered and rose above using what he has, staying creative and determined, and ultimately winning with his friends. Others might see failure, but Kermit refuses to give up and eventually gets to the finish line.

2. Staying True to Our Dreams

Kermit’s dream is simple—make everyone happy through dancing and singing. If anything, he has always remained loyal to this and has encouraged his friends to hop in on that dream. Dreams are what motivates us and are potentially the centerpiece to discovering our purpose. Kermit constantly reminds everyone of his dream and this has resonated and inspired his friends.

Leaders should learn to stick to a dream, set goals and talk about it in such a captivating and inspiring manner so it reaches his people in good faith. This is called selling an idea and selling it well, which is key for businesses today.

3. Acceptance of Failure

Perhaps the most obvious reason that Kermit is seen as a steadfast leader is that he is willing to accept failure. He understands that all goals will not necessarily be achieved the way everybody wants it, and that’s okay. He places emphasis on the journey per se and not just the goal itself.

Some leaders can shy away after failure. But we should remember that with failure comes lessons and opportunities to grow, to be better as a team.

4. Faith in Comrades

Another significant piece we could all learn from Kermit is his unfailing faith in his friends. He highly considers their bond and companionship—which is crucial for lasting success.

He goes on to encourage and remind them that he will always believe in them. If a leader constantly reminds his co-workers that he will never lose faith in them, the workers will in return work harder while keeping that in mind. This will translate to optimal business results and happier employees.

5. Teamwork Above All

Encouraging your co-workers to stay engaged is a must for business growth. As a leader, you should always get your staff involved. This way they will feel that they are valued members and are truly part of the team.

Kermit tries his best to reach out to everyone, keeping them engaged in the process. This has led to new friendships, growth, and success as a team. Collaboration, cooperation, and a joint drive towards a single goal are components of a team that is set to win.


From his introduction to today and beyond, Kermit has marked his place in the entertainment industry not only as that charming, green frog—but as a role model and leader who is looked up by children. He lives on to be a symbol of commitment, a leading example to his friends and audience, and an overall genuine friend to many.

Selfless and resolute, all the leaders of the world could surely learn a lot from his tactics, values, and passion. Try to apply the lessons we shared above and you will be a step closer to achieving higher heights with your team.

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