Five Wonderful Things That Draw Us To The Muppets

There is no denying that the Muppets will always be a much cherished and adored part of our childhood. From the diverse characters to some memorable quotes and scenes—the Muppets universe has surely marked its place in everyone’s hearts. Below we will enumerate five awesome reasons to admire the Muppets. 

1. The Simple Sense of Humor

Many films today have the tendency to provide humor that is often dark and offensive. The Muppets, however, has never failed to offer light-hearted humor that will simply cheer you up. The childlike atmosphere paired with dance/song numbers that will ring a bell in our distant memory—it all offers an innocent and fresh breather away from our daily stresses. After all, we could all use a great sense of humor in our lives. 

2. The Diversity of Its Characters

Whether you are a huge fan of the Muppets or not, we all know that it presents a diverse set of characters. Various colors, contrasting personalities—the show has a great way of showing that we all can live in harmony despite our differences.

While there might be disagreement, we can all set that aside and even use that to our own benefit and work together. And through this, we would have learned teamwork and collaboration which are both essential in all fields.

3. The Impact of the Music

Musical numbers—this has been a noticeable characteristic of the show and the whole Muppets universe. We can all agree that these musical numbers are mostly catchy, likable, and plain witty. Music has always found its way to humanity’s core—and the Muppets most certainly know this and have used it so well to their and everyone’s advantage.

4. The Awesome Puppetry

Operating a puppet is hard. But for some reason, the people who play the characters in the Muppets have made it look so natural and easy. Their accuracy and persistence have all proven to have paid off as the characters are seen to be real personalities to children and adults alike. Each has claimed their respective character and made them their own.

5. The Valuable Lessons It Imparts

While this part deserves a single article, the many lessons that we can all remember from the Muppets is definitely a big aspect that continues to draw audiences from different walks of life. Friendship, compassion, the importance of humor, confidence, and courage—these are all imparted so effortlessly across the Muppets universe.

The film is a masterpiece that has won the hearts of millions. It never fails to reignite the far-fetched childhood spirit of adults and teenagers. While there has certainly been a significant number of other films that have become favorites, the Muppets universe will always be one-of-kind.

If you haven’t actually made yourself familiar with the Muppets, this can be your cue. Go ahead and get to know the characters! See the films and prepare to be amused. Happy watching!

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