Paraffin Wax – A Treatment To Muscle Pain

Paraffin treatments are common in spas plus beauty salons though you are able to buy exactly the same advantages by performing it yourself from home for a portion of the price. Paraffin treatments help alleviate the pain as well as stiffness around joints by reducing unnecessary fluid from the surrounding cells. It is used to treat tennis elbow, bursitis, arthritis, along with sports injuries. It is also great for skin issues as eczema, dry skin, and psoriasis.

Paraffin WaxYou are able to buy paraffin at health food markets. You are able to buy paraffin kits which feature both the paraffin as well as the warmer accustomed melt the paraffin. You will find various grades of paraffin for various uses. Be sure the paraffin you buy is for individual spa use. Place the paraffin, approximately 4 pounds is suggested, in the hotter and fixed the temperature to “low” and “melt” based on the type of warmer you’ve bought. You are able to also melt the paraffin utilizing a double broiler on your own stove top or with a big crock pot. In case you get it done in this manner it is essential to blend the paraffin frequently. Paraffin expands while it warms and so ensures to melt it in a pot that permits for the development. When the temperature reaches approximately 125 degrees your paraffin is all set to be utilized. You are able to use a candy thermometer to check the heat. It is vitally important that the temperature isn’t above 130 or maybe the paraffin is able to burn off your skin. At this time you are able to in addition include your favorite essential oils and blend it very well. For other beauty tips, visit

Before you start to wash the spot you want for treating and dry it effectively. This can keep the paraffin completely clean so that it could be reused. Rub a small layer of unscented moisturizer over the spot to be handled. This makes the paraffin easier to get rid of later. Dip the spot (hands, legs, or put a little bit of the paraffin on the spot you’re curing (neck, returned, etc). You are able to put a number of coats of the paraffin by possibly dipping the spot within the wax or by dumping much more on the affected region. Putting in extra coats are going to keep the wax warm for an extended time period that’ll give burns and muscles much more relief. Maintain the coated spot as still as you can and so the wax won’t crack.

In case you treat your hands of feet carefully put them in a plastic bag. In case you treated a bigger area you are able to protect it with clear plastic wrap. Wrap a towel around the clear plastic container or even place it over the clear plastic wrap. This helps keep in the heat. Maintain the wax on for fifteen to twenty minutes or perhaps until it cools. After the wax cools, peel the wax from the skin. You are able to use an excellent moisturizer to assist lock in the dampness.

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