Work-Life Balance – Learn From The Muppets

So far in the future, most people have become even more accustomed to prioritizing work over all else for reasons that vary. We often forget about the value of maintaining balance among the many facets of our lives. Slowly, we get so caught up with work that it overshadows the other parts. Psychologists highly recommend balancing life and work for an ultimately more fulfilling and joy-filled life—but how?

The Muppets are known globally—there’s no questioning that. For almost 45 years, they have done their fair share of time in the limelight and are still admired by many to this day.

Whether you’re a huge fan of them or not, without a doubt, the Muppets can teach us a lot about life. More particularly, we will be revealing five work-life balance lessons we highly suggest you try and apply.

1. Do not underestimate the value of pausing.

A great example of a character that makes sure to work hard but at the same time rest harder is Rowlf, a piano player who is dedicated to keeping his guests entertained.

While he is a hard worker, he mentions that he makes sure to finish work, drink a bit of beer, spend time on a book, and just walk around leisurely without a worry in mind. After all this, he goes get some beauty sleep. Sounds simple? Not quite. These “simple” things are the ones we usually underestimate.

Set aside the time to get immersed in a new book, have some drinks with friends, and take yourself out for a relaxing walk around the neighborhood and you would have taken the first step towards a more balanced lifestyle. Make sleep a huge priority. By doing all of this, we guarantee you will feel a lot more refreshed and even more dedicated to work.

2. Look for friends who share your dream.

By doing this you will surely enhance your team’s productivity. Whatever type of work, wherever or however—if you work with people who have the same vision, you will surely succeed as a team. And when you produce great results at a more efficient rate, you will open more space for things outside work like family, traveling, and more.

Kermit the Frog is seen as the leader of the Muppets. If you watch them, you will clearly see how he always puts teamwork and camaraderie first. Through this, he has helped balance not only their differences but his own time between work and play.

3. Speaking of friends—work with an excellent business partner.

From the very beginning and so on, Kermit and Fozzie’s relationship as partners in business furthermore demonstrates how relevant and essential it is to take risks and grab opportunities with a trustworthy comrade on your side.

When you have great friends, you are already halfway there. Additionally, doing this will significantly lessen the weight of things at work since you will be dividing that weight into two.

4. Always keep in mind the value of creativity.

We can see a lot of creativity in the Muppets. When Kermit refuses to leave things to fate and reminds his team that they are responsible for their own success, their destiny. He empowers them in trying times, and this right here is creativity.

When you feel as if things are getting out of hand at work and you utilize whatever you can, thinking outside the box—that is creativity. When you make creativity a priority not only at work but for your life overall, nothing will stop you. 

And finally,…

5. Always remember that you deserve the best.

Kermit has times wherein he feels guilty about disappointing others. But through this process, he remembers the value of dedication—not only to your friends and family, or to your dreams, but most importantly to yourself.

Life is a rollercoaster. This may sound cliché, but it is truer than true. Life has a way of surprising us in ways good and bad. No matter the situation, keep in mind that you should primarily hold yourself accountable. This does not mean wallowing in guilt when you make mistakes but remembering to stay true to the promises you have made to yourself.

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